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Welcome to the CUWCC Toolbox, our new endeavor connecting water conservation tools and research with community members. It is an evolving project that continues to grow and develop content and direction with your help. Please give us your Feedback throughout our Beta test phase so we can hone and improve how content is delivered.


Over the years the Council commissioned a series of Cost and Savings reports to develop methods and data to better ascertain economic analysis and water savings related to water conservation best management practices (and potential BMPs). The original 2000 CSS included sections on definitions of key concepts, descriptions of 14 water saving devices and activities, an annotated literature review, examples of cost-benefit analysis, and cost-effectiveness analysis, as well as known areas where future research is needed. In 2016 the Council recently completed an update to the Cost and Savings Studies.
Within the Memorandum of Understanding, the Council lists certain practices, measures, equipment, and fixtures as representing the potential to become full Best Management Practices (BMPs). The Council conducts ongoing research into these "PBMPs". Table 1 below lists and links to all past PBMP reports, as well as linking to the new Toolbox living document article on the PBMP document. PBMP topics are selected and peer-reviewed by the Council's Research and Evaluation Committee.