How to add a new article or file

There are several ways to add a new page. Here are some examples and guidelines for consistency.

Add a new article, not a publication

  1. Search for the article you would like to add,
    • If you do not find the article then the site will automatically ask you if you want to create it. Before clicking on the link, please consider:
      • Is this the best name for the article?
  2. After creating the article:

Add a new publication using the publication input template.

  1. Visit the input template and enter the desired article name for the publication and click the create/edit button . This will automatically create the article using the input template.
  2. Add introductory text in the 'introduction' box
  3. Add the remaining text (including footnotes) in the 'body' box. Important notes:
    • Do not include title page content (other than in applicable fields such as author and year published)
    • No need to copy the table of contents, this will happen when formatting headers
    • Do not include acknowledgements.
  4. Upload any images or files
    • If you have an option, .png files are somewhat preferred
    • Upload a pdf version of the original publication
    • Use the following naming convention: “Article Name Year.pdf” if the article is par to a series, you can use an abbreviation for the series, followed by article name and year.
  5. When it asks for a URL, find the URL for the original research file you uploaded.
  6. Upload all relevant meta data, such as
    • Author
    • Year Published

The remaining steps show more advanced formatting options. You may want to save the article, and continue with the remaining formatting. See the editing instructions for more information on formatting.

Change a regular article to a publication using the publication input form

  1. Find the article name that you want to edit with the input form
    • To find the article name, visit [allpages]
    • The "year" published is a required field of the input form, so this is only recommended for publications and tools, not organizations, people or concepts.
  2. Go to input template page and enter the article title name
    • this will convert it to the new input format
  3. The following changes will likely need to be applied
    • Move intro to introduction box
    • Add meta data, such as:
      • year
      • Author
      • Publisher