Property:Is publication type

This is a property of type Text.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Brochures and fact sheets
  • Data
  • Guidebooks and manuals
  • Journals and periodicals
  • Reports and studies
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Photo
  • Videos
  • Program
  • Mobile App

Pages using the property "Is publication type"

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Assessment of Water Demand of Cool-season Turfgrass in California Using Cal-SIMETAW +Reports and studies  +


BMP 1 Utility Operations Programs +Guidebooks and manuals  +


CII Task Force Case Study Index.pdf +Guidebooks and manuals  +, Reports and studies  +
CII Task Force Water Use BMPs +Reports and studies  +
CalWEP lending library +Brochures and fact sheets  +, Data  +, Guidebooks and manuals  +,
California Water Plan 2013 Update (selections) +Reports and studies  +
Community based social marketing +Reports and studies  +
Customer Programs and Communication +Guidebooks and manuals  +


Distribution System Water Audit (Water Loss) +Guidebooks and manuals  +


Graywater +Reports and studies  +


Multi-Benefits of Water Conservation +Reports and studies  +


Pixel (DWR Image Library) +Videos  +
Plant Lists +Guidebooks and manuals  +


River-Friendly Landscaping Guide Mulch and Grasscycling.pdf +Guidebooks and manuals  +


Sustainable Landscape Santa Monica 2013.pdf +Brochures and fact sheets  +, Reports and studies  +
Sustainable landscaping return on investment (ROI) and benefit tools +Reports and studies  +


Turf Removal and Replacement +Reports and studies  +


Urban Drought Guidebook (2008) +Guidebooks and manuals  +
Utility Operations Guidebook +Guidebooks and manuals  +


WUCOLS +Guidebooks and manuals  +
Water Resources Funding +Guidebooks and manuals  +
Water Savings Study (CUWA) +Data  +, Reports and studies  +
Water Supply Fact Sheet +Brochures and fact sheets  +


X-Ray Film-PBMP-2004.pdf +Reports and studies  +
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