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Known Issues

The following are known issues that have not yet been resolved, but may have a workaround listed.

  • Wikitext formatting cannot be used in the introduction.
    • This is the intended behaviour - perhaps we need to add some instructional info to the form?
      • Let's wait till to see if it becomes an issue. Two ways to proceed: add a tool tip on new article input form, or add instructions on the how to format page.
  • Footnotes using 'cite' extension sometimes notify of an issue: "Error: the given value was not understood". See: Large landscape.
  • Footnotes using 'cite extension sometimes show odd ordering of notes. See: Ice Makers (Commercial), Large landscape.
  • Distribution System Pressure Management, Pools, Spas, Fountain, Dishwashers (Residential), Vehicle Wash Systems docs have 2 footnote sections (both start at 1).
    • These 3 are all related to the same issue: calling <references> in the body of the article, while having a <ref> tag in the introduction. Counterintuitive as it seems, the introduction is processed after the body, so it creates two references sections and gets confused. There are two overlapping problems here... using the <ref> tag in the introduction might cause other issues, as the introduction is supposed to be just plain text without wiki formatting, so it can be pulled out for use in search pages, the main page, etc. That said, we can fix this issue by adding a checkbox show references on the article input form, and remove all instances of <references> from the article pages, and see if the <ref> tags in the introduction cause us any other problems down the line. Thoughts?
    • Non-extant pages are causing server 404 errors for /w/index.php (e.g. see: [1]) instead of the normal MediaWiki formatted pages

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