The CalWEP Toolbox is a digital platform designed by the California Water Efficiency Partnership to share water conservation research and tools. The open platform allows community members to use simple forms to add, update, organize and search site resources. Community members can also use the site’s advanced extensible framework to share information in novel ways.


The toolbox is a clearinghouse of searchable articles related to water conservation research and tools. The site is launching with articles from the CalWEP's peer-reviewed research, tools, as well as other important research and tools developed globally on the subject of water conservation. Each article is a 'living document' that can be updated as new research and tools emerge - and new articles are continuously being added.


Toolbox articles can be explored in a variety of ways.

  • Search: the search box allows text based search of all articles on the site. Search results are divided into matches within the title, and matches within the entire article.
  • Filtered Search: while still in development, advanced search will allow for searches across categories, and within article or file meta-data. Text search within the article introduction may also be developed. The advanced search categories allows a filtered search of articles.
  • Inter-article linking: articles are easy to link and interlink, making it easy to browse and explore related topics inside or outside of the toolbox.


The toolbox is built upon a robust collaborative platform designed to make information easy to search and build upon. The toolbox launches with many built-in collaboration features, and custom designed templates for contributing information.

  • Create new articles simply by searching for a topic, if the article does not exist a link to create the page will appear.
  • Upload files and easily link within articles. Descriptive text can be added to define each article, and a file history is automatically created if new versions of the file are created.
  • Custom forms:
    • New Article form: quickly add text, link source documents, link key resources, and categorize the article
    • File Metadata form: quickly add file metadata including author, publisher, year published, and categories.
  • A complete article history is saved within each article.
  • A article 'talk' or discussion page is included with each page to give contributors an opportunity to maintain article focus and accuracy.
  • Articles can be moderated as needed to ensure quality information.

Extensible Framework

The Toolbox uses MediaWiki, which has an extensive list of extensions, and a large network of software and site developers. The Semantic MediaWiki extension, used extensively in to create the Toolbox, allows data to be stored and queried within articles.

User Registration

In order to collaborate, you will first need to register. CalWEP will email logins to members allowing them to use their user login and password from to login to the Toolbox. If you are not a CalWEP Member, please use the Account tools menu to request a new account. If you are a member who would like access, and have not yet received an email with login information, please contact CalWEP for a login.