The toolbox is built upon a robust collaborative platform designed to make information easy to search and build upon. The toolbox launches with many built-in collaboration features, and custom designed templates for contributing information. Before accessing most collaboration features, you will want to make sure you have your user id - click here for more information.

Ways to collaborate

1. Create a new article, here are two ways:

  • use the built in create an article feature - this has fewer built in formatting and categorization options, but is simple and easy to use - especially if you brush up on how to manually format articles.
    • Search for an article, if you don't find the article, there will be an option to create the article based on the exact search terms used.
  • Use the custom create article form found in the tools menu. This will allow you to:
    • upload a primary image formatted consistently with other article primary images
    • add source documents and highlighted resources
    • categorize the article into over 50 categories

2. Upload files and link to websites:

  • Use the upload file form in the tools menu to upload files or link to websites. This custom form allows you to add metadata to the file when uploading, including
    • Publisher, publication series, authors, contributors, year published
    • Add categories to make the files and links more searchable.

File contributions can be as simple as uploading your agencies program collateral to share with others.

3. Make updates to existing articles: Use the actions menu to edit an article. There are a variety of small and large changes you can make, including:

  • Add new text
  • Add an introductory image - this can be completed through the edit form (not code required).
  • Upload an image and add the image in the text.
  • Add a highlighted resource - this can be completed through the edit form (not code required).
  • Review and update the article categories - this can be completed through the edit form (not code required).

Requested Resources

This list of files or articles can be used to note files and articles that contributors would like to see added to the Toolbox. Two ways you can collaborate are to add to this list, or to add content to the Toolbox based on the below list.

  • DWR Assessment of Water Demand of Cool-season Turfgrass in California Using Cal-SIMETAW, June 2016. Upload or add abstract and link to paper once finalized.
  • Residential End Uses Studies - both 2016 and 1999 studies. Add an abstract and link to the file.
  • Commercial End Uses of Water. 2000 Add an abstract and link to the file.
  • Landscape irrigation scheduling tools for California.